Adoption Counseling

One of the best ways to learn the answers we seek in life is to talk with those who already have experience. So often when people start on the adoption journey, they struggle with finding the right person to talk to. We believe you need to talk to more than just the “professional,” but that it’s best to talk to those who are doing adoption themselves. So, here’s a great option for you: We offer free and private adoption counseling for families starting out who have lots of questions. We typically meet families at our office in Tyler and give them one hour to bounce their ideas and voice their concerns on any aspect of adoption that they should choose. In return, we promise our undivided attention and the benefit of our experience as adoptive parents and advocates.

To schedule an appointment to meet with Tim or Trena Clark, give us a call on 903-245-0515 or email us at

“My husband and I felt called to adopt a child however we didn’t know how to go about doing it. At first I thought God would just set it all up for us. We would be in the right place at the right time but after a year or so of ‘waiting’ we realized we needed to be more proactive… After surfing the internet and attending information sessions at a couple of different agencies we still felt unsettled and unsure. It was only through divine intervention we were introduced to Tim with Hope for 100.

My husband reached out to Tim and set up an appointment immediately. He sat down with my husband, 6 year-old daughter and me to answer any and all questions we had. That meeting lasted over an hour but we felt so comforted and loved in what became the beginning of our journey to foster to adopt. After prayer and conversation, Tim pointed us to an agency that we instantly felt right at home with. After a few short weeks we have completed all things but our home study.
Without Hope for 100, we would have been challenged to find an agency and move forward. Not only did we get direction, but we feel like we have a partner in Christ as we take this step in obedience.” -Jodi Seal

The Big Questions Families Have…

While many people have considered adoption, they often hold back from actively pursuing it due to false information. Some common misconceptions about adoption include:

  • Adoption costs too much.
  • Fear that a child’s birth parents will get a child back after the adoption.
  • Emotional issues of the adopted child that I won’t know how to handle.
  • Inability to love an adopted child as a biological child.

Hope For 100 will help prospective adoptive parents walk through all the various adoption issues including answers to difficult questions, help with selecting an agency , assistance with adoption expenses, and post-adoption ministry for the adoptive family via our ministry. Forever Families.

Hope for 100 also has many great resources available at the Green Acres Baptist Church Library.

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