Church Partners

The following are some of the churches with whom Hope For 100 has developed a special relationship in the last five years:

Green Acres Baptist Church

Green Acres was the church from which Hope for 100 originated in 2009. On Sunday, February 9, 2014, Pastor David Dykes of Green Acres Baptist Church announced a re-launch of the 2009 Hope For 100 campaign that saw over 140 orphans and foster kids successfully placed in loving homes. This new campaign (Hope For 100 v. 2.0) will have twin goals: to find loving homes for 100+ orphans and foster kids and in addition to find sponsors and mentors for 100+ children. We are starting out at “0” in both categories, but invite you to pray with us and let us know if you’d like to take part in either adopting/ fostering or sponsoring/mentoring a child in need of a family. If you are interested in this, please e-mail Tim Clark at

Central Baptist, Tyler

Church ministry: Mission One

Calvary Chapel

Cross Brand Cowboy Church

Church ministry: Branded Hearts

Mobberly Baptist Church, Longview

Church ministry: Life Matters

Cross Pointe Community Church

Tyler Christian Fellowship

First Baptist Church, Whitehouse

Church ministry:Pure Religion

Bethel Bible Church

Church ministry:Grafted

First Baptist, Tyler