Mentoring & Sponsorship


If you are interested in mentoring a child, we know of two particular opportunities where volunteers are urgently needed—both of these are with organizations with a great history of serving kids.

Gospel Village is a Christian initiative supported by local Tyler churches. Gospel Village is in need of adults who are willing to spent time mentoring local children from disadvantaged families. Their contact number is 903-525-1111. You may also email them at:

CASA, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates, needs individuals to befriend and advocate for children in the care of Texas State and who are going through the court process. The contact number for CASA is 903-597-7725 or you can check out their website at:


If you are interested in sponsoring a child, we really appreciate your desire to make a difference. One well-known economist has scientifically researched the impact of child sponsorship in particular. For more encouragement to sponsor a child, the results of his research are summarized at this site: We at Hope For 100 can recommend three particular opportunities where child sponsorship is really needed—all of which have a great history of serving kids.

Parental Care Ministries, or PCM, is a small organization based in Tyler, TX which serves children in the country of Uganda. PCM provides homes, food and schooling for children who have lost one or more of their parents. Monthly support is very affordable and goes a long way for these children.

Compassion International is a Christian based organization that provides children with the basic necessities of life, sharing the Gospel with them, and educating them in conjunction with the local church in their area.

Children International organizes care of children in many countries and has an ongoing need for families willing to provide small monthly sums—typically between 25 to 35 dollars so as to provide food, housing, clothing and education for specific children.

Let us know how you get on with either of these organizations so we can add you to our goal of 100 Sponsors and Mentors!